Easily Operated

Efficiently and conveniently complete the same amount of work with less staff.

Student and Class archive

Have a comprehensive look at all your students and classes that you have ever taught.

Certificate Generation

Automatically generate certificates with the click of button.

How does it work?

CUSTOM FUNCTIONALITY: You ask for it, we build it!

Why Is Virtola a good fit for you?

  • Management of Student Information, Certificates, and Trainings
  • Issuing of Certifications, and Cards
  • Managing Instructors
  • Marketing Classes
  • Posting Blogs
  • Building and Providing Online Courses

Features at a glance

Keep Track of Clients
  • Easily search for and update student information
  • Add students to classes and track progress on classes they are already registered for
  • Download Student record which includes all completed certifications
  • Track client balances and payments
Advertise to Potential Students
  • Automatically promote your training schedule through your website
  • Market old clients with automated training reminder emails
  • Keep your clients up-to-date with rules and regulations through blog post
Create Templates and Generate Certificates
  • Upload or create certificate templates for individual classes
  • Generate student certificates with a click of a button
Create Course Landing Pages and Schedule Classes
  • Create Course content and display it on website landing pages
  • Create a public class schedule that is automatically displayed on your website
  • Keep an archive of past classes that can be accessed at any time
Built-in Learning Management System and Course Creation
  • Ability to create your own online courses
  • Built-in voice and face recognition allows for proctored online courses
  • Includes audio and video upload

Provide Your Own Online Training

Virtola includes a built learning management system that lets you upload your pre-existing training materials, enroll users, and track student progress with no technical expertise needed. Your students can easily register for classes as well. We provide an administrative panel, connected to your website, that allows you to create website pages easily, add schedules and post news or updates about your company on your training site.

Train more students than ever before. Your students can take their training online, anytime, anywhere, on any device.


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